Frequently Asked Questions


What is THE Party?

THE Party is an event to celebrate the strength of our democracy, and that in the face of a pandemic, challenges to voting, an insurrection, and efforts to undermine our election system itself, that we staved off threats to that system and our country triumphed. This is an event to celebrate everyone who worked tirelessly for years to keep us together. In the midst of trauma, stress, and exhaustion, we achieved something big — but we have been denied celebration and catharsis.

While challenges still lie ahead, we want to take a moment to stop, come together IRL, and express our gratitude for one another.

There will be live music, DJs, drinks, dancing, food, special guests and more.

Who was in attendance?

Everyone who poured their hearts into making sure people could vote, who helped our democracy become more reflective of its population, who championed fair elections and the power of the voter. Think: organizers, nonprofit staff, influencers, artists, athletes, and elected officials. We’ll also have exciting special guest performances!

What about COVID-19?

The health of guests is of the utmost importance. We are working to ensure the health and safety of all guests by strictly following all CDC guidelines and COVID-19 protocols.

So everyone can safely enjoy this celebration, all guests must be fully vaccinated. Every guest must provide proof of vaccination prior to ticketing. Watch your inbox for further instructions.

Who is hosting this event?

To make it as inclusive a space as possible, the event has no formal host committee. The event is being managed by Impactual LLC and produced by Tinsel Experiential Design.

We are proud to produce this event in partnership with organizations like:

Is this a partisan thing?

Nope. This is not an event about electing candidates or supporting any political party. This is an event to celebrate the importance of our democratic system (small “d”!), of the right to vote, of our free and fair elections, to celebrate the survival of those ideals the face of a pandemic, challenges to voting, and an insurrection, and efforts to undermine our election system itself… and to commit ourselves for the tests ahead.